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Hello! My name is Llewellyn Krastev and I refinish and paint custom paintings on furniture. I started in the furniture refinishing business about 6 years ago with my first pop-up sale, and slowly have grown into doing fine art and custom paintings on my pieces. I stuck with the basics for a long time, and learned my craft thoroughly. I strive to always get the best possible finish, and use the best products available to me. I like my finished pieces to be durable and something that will last a long time to come. Over the last few years I discovered my passion for fine art, and have not looked back since. My favorite part of this business is that moment when I can step back from a piece and truly say I was able to bring to life the ideas in my head. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!


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I am located in Washington State and furniture prices include shipping in the US. If you are local in WA or OR please contact me for my local pricing. Shipping may take 6-12 weeks as I offer door to door white glove shipping through insured shippers.

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