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Hello! My name is Llewellyn Krastev and I refinish and paint custom paintings on furniture. I started in the furniture refinishing business about 6 years ago with my first pop-up sale, and slowly have grown into doing fine art and custom paintings on my pieces. I stuck with the basics for a long time, and learned my craft thoroughly. I strive to always get the best possible finish, and use the best products available to me. I like my finished pieces to be durable and something that will last a long time to come. Over the last few years I discovered my passion for fine art, and have not looked back since. My favorite part of this business is that moment when I can step back from a piece and truly say I was able to bring to life the ideas in my head. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!


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I am located in Washington State and these prices include shipping in the US. If you are local in WA or OR please contact me for my local pricing. Shipping may take 6-9 weeks as I offer door to door white glove shipping through insured shippers.


Classes and Tutorials

Learn how to design and paint your very own furniture!


Custom Furniture

Just send me a message to get started on making your dream furniture piece come to life. 


I offer custom painting on furniture and canvas. Classes and tutorials are available as well here on my website. I also offer a teaching group, you can find the info below. Thank you for visiting, don't forget to submit your email address for fun tips and tricks on my monthly blog!


Classes and Tutorials

Tutorials will be available soon. Please check back soon!

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Worn to Whimsy Teaching Group

Thank you so much for your interest in my group! In this group I teach two tutorials monthly. One on canvas and one on furniture. These will be complete start to finish tutorials that are scheduled monthly. This is a paid group on Facebook and I will be live in the group a few times each week to teach. If you sign up you can cancel at any time. A confirmation email will be sent with instructions once you purchase the monthly membership.

This subscription group is $20/month.


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